2017.09 – Winnoz platform

Winnoz develops in-vitro platforms for early screening of diseases

Winnoz Technology Inc. ( www.winnoz.com ), has developed an in-vitro platform for early screening of diseases. This platform is composed of two mobile medical devices, Haiim™ and eGGi™. Haiim™ is an automated blood specimen collection device that automatically draws blood painlessly from a fingertip with a small prick. Significantly, Haiim™ can assist anyone without special training to collect blood specimens anywhere. Moreover, eGGi™ is a real-time disease-risk screening device that can analyze various types of human samples. eGGi™ can directly detect oncogenes by analyzing small quantities of blood without sample preprocessing, such as DNA or RNA purification. Additionally, the measurement data will be sent to Winnoz’s cloud for further data analytics. Finally, Winnoz’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) will advise a tester his or her cancer risk score.

Dr. Joses Hsiung, Winnoz’s founder and CEO, considers that current methods for detecting colorectal cancer are invasive and uncomfortable for most people, leading to low screening rates. He mentioned that Winnoz’s solution only requires little blood samples to detect colorectal cancer risk, transforming cancer screening into something less uncomfortable and more convenient, and most importantly advising those who are at high risk to do further check-ups and to receive early treatments in time.

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