-About Us

Winnoz is a Taiwanese company specialized in providing bio-sensing technologies to the healthcare and the biomedical industries. We leverage our scientific knowledge with the innovative power of our global collaborators to provide next-generation technologies for a better world.

Winnoz has developed a lab-on-a-chip device, called eGGi™, enabling detection of pathogenic bacteria in water.


Winnoz is on a mission to bring inspiration and innovation for the bio-sensing industry to ensure a healthier world.


Winnoz Technology Inc. will be the leading biotech company in the world providing its innovative solutions to fulfill the world unmeet needs.


  1. To strengthen the relationships with our worldwide partners and collaborators.
  2. To provide innovative bio-sensing solutions to the unmet needs of possible buyers.
  3. To look for more collaborations to add values to our sensing innovations.
  4. To recruit strategic partners for marketing our solutions.

Core Values

Winnoz is a passionate and innovative team of talented people with different backgrounds, committed to work loyally providing the best bio-sensing solutions for a better world.

Winnoz specializes in:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Biosensors & bioelectronics
  • Nanomaterials
  • Microfluidics
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Surface chemistry
  • Electrochemistry and analytical chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Cancer research
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Medicine


Executing innovations is really hard, especially within a large established corporation. That is why Winnoz loyally serves far-sighted customers with its "Contract Innovation Service".

This customized service includes:

  1. Innovative solutions to user experience.
  2. Innovative solutions to reducing costs in bio-sensing.
  3. Innovative solutions to high-throughput screening.
  4. R&D of biosensors.
  5. Design of biomedical microfluidic devices.
  6. Design of high-throughput screening systems.
  7. R&D of interface materials: nanomaterials, chemical linkers etc.

Added Value

Winnoz commits to provide customers with the best bio-sensing innovations to fulfil their needs.

We catalyze new incremental and disruptive innovations in five steps:

  1. Understanding — deep customer insights.
  2. Identifying — specialist knowledge of unmet needs.
  3. Innovating — with new solutions for specific needs.
  4. Creating — prototypes
  5. Providing — customer with the tools to be the industry leader

Benefits We Create

Winnoz faithfully invests to understand its customers. We provide next-generation bio-sensing technologies timely and cost effectively. 

Based on a customer-centric approach, we empower our clients with these benefits:

  1. Being our customers’ brain

    • We provide innovative total solutions for their bio-sensing needs.
    • We help customers to take over the leadership in next-generation bio-sensing technologies.
    • We reduce customers’ cost and risk in R&D.
  2. Being loyal to our customers

    • We invest to know our customers needs, and loyally build strong relationships with them. 
    • We avoid to create any conflict of interest with our customers.

Winnoz in the World

Israel has been strategically selected by Winnoz to be the first place for opening its first branch out of Taiwan. With Winnoz Israel, Winnoz Technology Inc. expects to foster its innovation power and access to new market opportunities.

Target Business

Target Business

It is a global trend that more first-tier medical device makers outsource their R&D to replace less efficient internal functions with more efficient and cheaper contract research services. In addition to the current regular contract research services, the healthcare industry does aspire to "winnovative" bio-sensing solutions.