Commercialization Schedule


Haiim™ PictureHaiim™: Blood drawing device


eGGi™ PictureeGGi™: Application for malaria detection


eGGi™ PictureeGGi™: Application for colorectal cancer risk scoring

A calling for investment

Outsourcing practice in the biotech industry is becoming a new trend due to the need of mounting cost pressures, differentiate
products and reduce time to market. The medical device industry will demand 62 billion USD in R&D outsourcing services
by 2022. Thus, investing in this industry will not only be a profitable business, but also a contribution to human
healthcare. Currently, we are calling for new strategic investors who share our same dreams of making a healthier,
cleaner and safer world. We highly expect to receive from them their valuable knowledge and insights about the biotech
industry to foster our development while we provide them the value of our innovative power. If you would like to
know more about our plans or partner with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.