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A Platform for Disease-Risk-Assessment



We have designed a unique technology able to analyze blood samples without nucleotide purification in order to detect nucleic acid-based biomarkers associated with life-threatening diseases.

Currently, we are working on an application for colorectal cancer (CRC) that will provide risk-results on-site in only one hour.

This application is part of a complete platform that facilitate blood micro-sampling, qPCR analysis for biomarker detection and AI for decision-making support.

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HaiimTM: a blood micro-sampling device


This handheld device facilitates blood collection from fingertips by phlebotomists
and provides a fun experience for patients.

It has been specially designed to be used for patients with special assistance such
as neonates, infants, elderlies, chronic and hospitalized patients.

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eGGiTM: a disease-risk-assessment device

This portable device can analyze whole blood samples and detect nucleic acid-based
biomarkers for specific diseases. It has two versions: for research use only, and for
clinical use.

The technology embedded in it facilitates qPCR analysis without nucleotide purification
reducing time and effort. As a results, eGGi can provide results in only one hour.

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Winnoz AITM

We are developing Winnoz’s Artificial Intelligence that will be able to storage, analyze and
distribute anonymously clinical data to support decision-making process.






We are developing kits for lab testing of cancer risk. In the future we plan to expand our portfolio of applications to test other life-threatening diseases.

We also contemplate the development of IVD products for different users.